This is What Your Customer Looks Like

With Traditional
Low Resolution Feedback
Surveys, Feedback Boxes, Contact Forms, Analytics Data, Customer Service Inquiries

Technology creates a big barrier between you and your customers and massive gaps in understanding. It's the same reason nearly every YouTube comment sections deteriorates into fighting. When communicating *through* technology, we lose too much information, and we misunderstand others.

Automating customer feedback saves time and yields high volume, but the type of feedback it produces is shallow and has severe limitations. It can tell you whether people prefer red or blue, but it will never tell you your business model is broken

The What
Scratch The Surface
Low resolution feedback can often tell you what happened, but it can almost never tell you *why* it happened. When you only know what happened you still have very little understanding of the problem, and are still a very long way from the solution.

Because low resolution feedback is only scratching the surface of the customer experience, it rarely ever touches root causes. This type of information becomes noisy and conflicting, and usually proves resistant to any helpful interpretation.

Stalled Product
90% of products fail. The ratio of correct to incorrect product decisions will determine that fate of your company.
With Our
High Resolution Feedback
In-depth conversations with real customers while they engage deeply with your product

In order to understand your customers, you need to communicate with them on a human level. Customer behavior is quirky and unique, and is not generally reducible to data patterns. If you want to really understand how your customers use your product, you need to put the technology down and go talk to them.

Conversations contain orders of magniture more information than other forms of feedback. Tone of voice, context, what they're "not saying". A single long form conversation will often surface more insights than a 10,000 person survey.

The Why
Understand Root Causes
In order to understand why customers don't love your product, you must seek root causes. And the only way you can do that is by tunneling deep into their experience through conversation. Once there, you can ask the magical "why" questions.

If you can sit with enough of your customers and ask them the right "why" questions, incredibly valuable insights will begin to emerge. These types of insights are so valuable they can change the entire outcome of a product and company.

Great Product
With enough high quality customer feedback, you'll make very smart product decisions. And with enough very smart product decisions, you'll have a truly great product and experience very high growth.

Your Product Decisions are (very) High Stakes