We're New Theory. Nice to Meet You.

We're a team of 7 people based in Brooklyn, New York. We're united by the common belief that most startup failure is driven by a fundamental misunderstanding about how companies succeed: Namely, that growth isn't driven by marketing, it's driven by product. And that you should invest almost exclusively into your product until you reach Product Market Fit. Our central mission is to help companies save money and increase their odds of success by following this strategy.

We Believe the Key to High Growth
is the Product, not the Marketing strategy.

And the Key to a Great Product
is deep customer feedback. We build deep customer feedback loops.
Founder Bio
Brennon Garrett
Chief Marketing Officer
Brennon served as the CMO for CampusBookRentals. During that time the company grew from $5M to $36M in revenue, and reached #17 on the Inc 500 list, as well as making the Forbes list of “America’s Fastest Growing Companies”. CampusBookRentals was one of the first textbook rental companies, and in the beginning a “textbook rental” was an amazing product with perfect Product Market Fit - growth skyrocketed. But as demand for digital content grew and demand for physical textbooks declined, Product Market Fit slipped. And like any product in that situation it quickly became clear that while growth can be helped by marketing, it’s truly driven by product.

President / Chief Operating Officer
After serving as CMO, Brennon became the President and COO of Sidewalk, the parent company of CampusBookRentals. Sidewalk had over 100 employees and 3 different offices. Sidewalk developed a suite of 6 different software products for higher education. And some of the products were incredibly complex (including a full-blown Point-of-Sale system). It was this experience that crystallized the necessity for customer feedback and high performance feedback loops for building a great product.

Private Equity Investor
Brennon spent 2 years working at Stripes Group, a Manhattan based Private Equity firm focused on $10 - $50 million investments in Internet, Software and Consumer Branded Products. Brennon worked on sourcing deals, listening to entrepreneur pitches, and collaborating with the team on which companies to invest in. Seeing hundreds of companies pass through the Stripes Group office helped certain patterns co me into view. The most prominent pattern was that nearly every sustainably high-growth company had one very important thing in common. They had all built a product with a significant amount of Product Market Fit.

Software Engineer / Founder
Brennon built his first website in 1994, and after a long sabbatical began programming seriously again 2 years ago (primarily in NodeJs and React/React Native). In 1998 Brennon founded Odyssey Web, a web development company offering the service of building websites (in the days before most companies had them). The company had tremendous growth through 2001 and pivoted in 2003 into a direct marketing model and merged with Clearlink. Brennon left the company and moved to New York in 2002, while his partners continued to grow Clearlink, which today employs a few thousand people.

B.A. Philosophy, Columbia University.